“Nadie es tan pobre para no regalar una sonrisa, ni tan rico para no necesitarla”

Clowning around involves having a mission in life: to have the heart to the surface, be the dumbest among fools; the most defenseless of creatures.


Stoop to a level lower than that of the poorest and most unfortunate, to make you feel wonderful, loved and lucky. Being a clown is to give hands full of joy, leave yourself and stand by each other and give smiles to whoever has forgotten.


 Being a clown is to love humans and deliver all in a smile . Being a clown is to be a messenger of hope and joy. It is to be emissary of dreamland, in which anything can be possible. Therefore, I accept my mission with joy.


Because there is nothing more beautiful than offering people a smile

proudly: I AM CLOWN !