Tools for Development had its beginnings as a family-run project in 1995, when Steve and Maria started working with impoverished villages in the Huastec and Pame-Chichimeca regions of east central Mexico. In 2004, the Lewises formed a nonprofit corporation to carry on this work and expand on their personal efforts.

All our volunteers serve with love in their hearts without expecting any economic benefits. Students, doctors, dentists, ophthalmologists, architects, engineers, housewives etc. gladly give of their own resources for the benefit of the Pame people.


A heart full of love and a couple of days of your time during the year are the only requirements to volunteer. Share smiles, your time and your gifts with those less fortunate and live the experience with us.


We are grateful to the many private contributors and organizations that provide ongoing support to Tools for Development. Your support enables us to cover staff expenses in Mexico, educate young indigenous youth and encourage women empowerment by providing a sewing room where women can meet and develop their sewing skills.