Our Vision

We have the vision to create self-sustaining communities, that is why as needed,


we are constantly creating new projects that give immediate solution to overcome


barriers towards development.



The three tools for the development of indigenous communities, are created by the


physical skills of the population and artisanal ease with which they have to improve


their quality and also support them with education, training and workshops to


improve product quality.



Education, training and integral development produces spiritual individuals who


can stand on their own feet and lead productive lives and contribute to their




Design and implement programs to improve the quality of life of indigenous


communities, respecting their autonomy and cultural heritage.



In partnership with other organizations to create community centers that allow the


integration of services in the areas of health, medicine, nutrition and primary for


new preschool and indigenous generations.




Enable adequate space for indigenous women to work and generate income, while


preserving their traditions and customs.